" Bare and direct ... Their songs are spontaneous and rather chaotic (in the best possible way), with dissonant harmonies, and tight dance-y grooves that make for gritty, yet rather catchy vibes. "
- Paper Wings full article here

"Before I go to shows, there are two questions in my mind. Do I wanna dance or do I wanna close your eyes, float and get lost in a sea of feedback and alt-rock psychedelia? Sursum Verbo is a great compromise, because their sound is upbeat and catchy, echoing the best new wave acts; yet the vocals and melodies border with free-form alternative rock, not unlike favourites of mine such as Sonic Youth."
- The Band Camp Diaries full article here

"Finally... something has come out of Brooklyn that isn't drenched in miles of reverb. With Sursum Verbo, there's no need to throw in all that extra fluff. Songs like 'Let it Go' and 'Photo' from their self-titled EP take a cue from The Pixies and Hole and delivery a straightforward power punk-pop that injects their poison exactly where it needs to go."
- Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets) full article here

"Their sound is post-punk, I guess.. They reminded me of Title TK-era Breeders... They reminded me of the Talking Heads or Television or any other angular band that uses the tools of traditional rock and roll and tries to push something new out.
Their rhythm section was phenomenal. Their guitar playing was creative without being showy. The lead singer had three drinks on stage, because “you’ll never know what kind of thirsty you’ll be.” They were unlike any band I’ve seen in years."
- Science Club full article here